Advantages of joining the New Zealand Highland Cattle Society

The New Zealand Highland Cattle Society was the first Society formed in New Zealand with the focus of the stewardship of the Highland Cattle breed.

The Herdbook was established in the early 1990's, and has over 7,000 animals registered in it, forming the bulk of all Highlands in New Zealand. This gives the Society unparalleled experience in the registration of Highlands.

The Society has developed robust processes and policies to govern its operations. It has a stable system of governance which allows for regular rotation of members, which brings many different points of view to Council.

The Society has members spread from Northland to Invercargill, and has regional groups of breeders that meet and support one another through field days and shows. The Councillors are also spread around the country giving members local access to the decision making process of the Society.

The society provides members with regular newsletters, bi-annual Journal of Record and email information to keep members informed and up to speed.

There is also a comprehensive website, which contains an online herdbook, online forms and downloadable versions, information and a cattle for sale section.

The Society undertakes regular promotion of the breed through advertising, editorial, show attendance and sponsorship, stands as well as Society Highland Shows in each Island.

As the oldest and largest Society in New Zealand, members can be assured of a depth of knowledge and a consistent approach to operations. This means members will enjoy a stable and long lasting society which has the future of the breed at heart.